Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another Baby Shower

I have another bb shower to go to on sat so I finally got around to making the blanket and booties. Once again the photos are from my phone so just bear with the pix. :o)

I just went and saw what bedding she was registered for and got the receiving blankets that matched the set. I bought some brown flannel for the back and just wrapped the back around the front for the binding! I am quite proud of this blanket and the booties. I have leftover so if I'm having a boy I'll probably be making it for my baby. If not I know 4 others having babies around the time that I am so I'm sure one of them is bound to have a boy. :o)

I love the quilting job I did on this. Just simple horizontal lines that were spaced about 1/2" from the seams. I love it! Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Wow! I thought I was slacking on my family blog but I'm really slacking here! So I have been doing some projects. Don't worry I didn't give up on the world of crafting! This first one is a quilt I did for my SIL for christmas. She loves giraffes so I wanted to make a quilt with giraffes for her.

I went online and googled giraffes and found a couple of pix of an African sunrise with giraffes in the pic but they were silouettes. I thought that would make an awesome quilt that Bailey would like and nobody on earth would have one like it! So I set to drawing it out transfering to graph paper and making a pattern. I found the fabric I wanted to use, put it all together and came out with my first ever everything! :o) It was the first quilt I've actually completed and had quilted. First time binding a quilt. It was a first for designing the quilt. It was also the first (of many) that I planned to give away.

So here it is! The Front and than the back.

I must say I was quite proud! I do need help with binding but I found an article today that I think helped me figure out what I was doing wrong... We'll see with the next blanket that I do...I'm doing another bb blanket for a bb shower that I have in a wk...I still have to start. :o) Here is the other bb blanket I did for a shower I went to at the beginning of the month.

Oh and the little booties that I made to go along with it! Sorry if the pix are poor quality I took them on my phone and emailed them to myself so I could get them posted.