Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekly Challenge!

I'm joining the weekly challenges over @! Come join me!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Birthday!

.... to me! Yes that's right it is the beginning of the end! End of my 20s that is!

I have been Making fun things and organizing! I will hopefully get pix posted later this wk! Really sux not having the internet @ home! Having to remember to bring not only my camera but the cords as well to get pix online!

Everybody keeps telling me to do something for myself today and have fun... So I will!

Hope everyone else has a great day too!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 5: Organization Challenge

Day 5: Under the kitchen sink!

Before: Nasty! Sorry about the crappy photo!After: So much better!

Day 4 - Organization Challenge

Day 4: Linin Closet/Drawers(in my case)

I forgot to take the before pic. :o( Oh well you only get to see what it looks like now! :o) Yes I need to put laundry away! I had just finished doing all the laundry and now it sits, waiting by my dryer, to be put away.

Day 3- Organization Challenge

Day 3 : Tupperware Cabinet!
Sorry about the crappy pix! I couldn't find my camer so I used my phone and that camera sucks when it's not noon day!
Before: Not terrible considering my 1 & 3 yr olds get in there practically every day and throw it all over the kitchen. :o) They are also responsible for putting it back.

After: Yay!

Day 1 - A Bowl Full of Lemons - Organization Challenge

Day 1: Junk Drawer
Before- a whole lotta crap that I threw in there when we moved in over 2 yrs ago!
After - Completely empty! It was mostly all trash and a few things that I needed to file! Yay!
Come join the challenge over @! I started the challenge late as I don't have the internet and didn't get to a computer to find out what my challenges were. I did all except the desk top in one day! .... and no it didn't take all day! Yay!