Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Years Resolution

I know its a lil early for the New Years Resolutions but I'm posting anyway! :o)

My new years resolutions (not in any particular order):
Be a better mom and wife
Get organized and stay organized
Post @ least once a wk on my blogs (family, craft, and cooking)
Really put an effort into my Mary Kay business -
Upcycle and handmade only - I will try for 3 months and see how it goes
Clip coupons and USE them!!!! (part of being organized - i know)
Keep my house clean
Enjoy the little things
Not stress so much - especially w/ noise!
Really try to do my "Morgan 5" aka "Morning 5"
Write down something I'm thankful for everyday - to help me be more grateful :o)
Be prepared - get my emergency preparedness stuff in order

I know some of these are on the general side but do you really expect me to share all the details and let anyone in the world completely into my life? Sorry, not gonna happen. :o)

Feel free to check up on me with any of these things! I do better when I know someone will be checking up on me. :o)